Hello and Welcome to my website!


I am glad you have found your way here and hope you will come back often. I'm a freelance graphic/video artist living in Germany. I love creating graphic material for authors - my specialties:


  • Author Promotional Products 

( Trading cards, Bookmarks, Booklets, Postcards, Flyer and more )

  • Facebook Design

( Header/Banner )

  • Video Book Trailer
  • Ebook Cover Art
  • Fanmade


If you have questions, requests or would like more information, please feel free to contact me. :-)






Laura Wright - Official Eternal Beast Book Trailer

Katie Reus - Official Primal Possession Book Trailer

Jennifer Lyon - Official The Plus One Chronicles Book Trailer

Coreene Callahan - Knight Avenged (Circle of Seven #2) Official Book Trailer

Coreene Callahan - Warrior's Revenge Official Book Trailer

Coreene Callahan - Fury of Surrender Official Book Trailer

Official Trailers made by Rasit

Midnight Breed Series by Lara Adrian - Fanmade Trailer

Note from Lara Adrian:

I love seeing fan-made videos and tributes to the Midnight Breed series. The creativity and vision you all have is amazing! One video that's completely blown me away is this by Rasit. She's managed to capture so much of the essence of the series and characters, and her eye for detail is just incredible. Watch, and enjoy!





I do not own anything, neither characters nor story!! This video is for enjoyment purposes only, no money is being made by this.


Cover/Banner/Bookmark etc. made by Rasit